1st Annual CyberPatriot CON

Conference/Celebration Information


A celebration for the current students from across Michigan that have competed in the 11th season of CyberPatriot. These kids went head-to-head against over 5000 teams virtually and we come together to celebrate over 500 Michigan "Hometown Cyber Heroes".

The day will start off with an award ceremony for the students, coaches and mentors. Lunch will be provided and afternoon workshops will continue until 2:00pm. The afternoon breaks into two tracks, one for the students and one for parents, coaches, teachers and industry partner interested in becoming mentors and sponsors.

Students will learn about the varied education and career tracks in Cybersecurity, some pointers to improve their teams success next fall and play some fun games to liven up the day.

The adult track will cover the nuts-n-bolts of the CyberPatriot Program, educational programs available for this field, the many career tracks in Cybersecurity and much, much more.

Parent, Academic or Industry Partners go to:  MCISSE CyberPatriot CON

MI Coaches and Mentor

Please contact Tamara Shoemaker to find out how to register for the conference.  This event is FREE to all Michigan CyberPatriot Teams!